Caravan Sanitation

Experienced caravaners are well aware of the importance of toilet sanitation and general aesthetic hygiene. Nobody wishes to camp in odour offensive conditions, and the answer is an effective odour control chemical.

These chemicals are normally bought over the counter at local shops, and chances are that the customer will purchase one of the two most commonly available products.

Aromany can provide a better product.

We offer the following products for a comprehensive answer to caravanning hygiene.


This biological self-mixing tablet system is specifically made by J&J Chemicals for Aromany.

A high-performance tablet that outperforms sachet based products from our competitors.

These special sized tablets have a deep royal blue colour retaining dye and incorporate the most user-friendly biocides available.

Each individually wrapped tablet dissolves in seconds, leaving no residue and giving superb dispersion in the tank. The resulting vibrant blue colour lasts for days.

Available in the following quantities:

  • Everpro Elite Super Platinum Pack – Case of 4 bags of 30 tablets per bag
  • Everpro Elite Gold Pack – Case of 4 bags of 45 tablets per bag
  • Everpro Elite Silver Pack – Case of 4 bags containing 55 tablets per bag



A glass and ‘shining surface’ cleaner. Spray on to your windows, worktops, ovens etc – wipe to a sparkling quick dry finish. Supplied in packs of 6 x 750ml Trigger Sprays.


A concentrated bactericidal exterior cleaner which when used via any pressure-washer system, readily removes all types of soiling without dulling or damaging the cabin construction. The added fragrance enhances the cleaning and the units are rendered ready for immediate re-hire.


For any other product requirements, just call us.